Teens & High Schools

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Teens Gymnastics

Teen gymnastics is for boys and girls in grades seven and up.

Teens can train two or three days per week. Tuesday & Thursday are mandatory training days.

No prior gymnastics experience is necessary.

Athletes will learn a variety of gymnastics skills while acquiring strength, balance, and flexibility.

We will work at your skill and experience level in a safe, positive, and fun learning environment!








High School Gymnastics

High School Gymnastics is for athletes from grade 8 through grade 12 of ALL levels, including beginners.

Participants in this program compete at a local zone trials competition in February.

If they qualify, they will attend the BC High School Sports Gymnastics Championships in March.

Gymnastics combines many aspects of balance, strength, power, flexibility and focus.

Skills learned in these programs will enhance any other sport the athlete also participates in through the remainder of the school season. Gymnastics is particularly beneficial for swimmers, divers, track & field, tennis, dancing and volleyball.