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Powell River Gymnastics offers a wide variety of programs and activities, suitable for all members of the community.  Active living, being health conscious, balance, flexibility and overall wellness are all components of a healthy lifestyle, and we support our participants and the community to help them achieve such a lifestyle.

Parent & Mini Me (Free Play Class)

Our Parent & Mini Me program provides children aged 3 – 5, who are not quite ready to be on their own with a coach, the chance to come in and learn gymnastics with their parent. While mostly free play time, there is a coach on hand to help teach skills if you wish to engage your child in beginner’s gymnastics skills.

Preschool Gymnastics

For many athletes, the transition between our Parent & Mini Me and our preschool classes is natural, and it is something that is looked forward to by many children when they turn 3.  Preschool classes offer a structured environment with a weekly lesson plan for up to 6 children per class.  This allows participants to work on balance and flexibility, and start to learn many of the basic gymnastic skills and techniques, as well as the terminology that is appropriate to this sport.  For many, taking part in preschool classes acts as the perfect stepping stone to the rest of the programs that Powell River Gymnastics provides for younger children.

Homeschool / Unschoolers Gymnastics

This is an all-round gymnastics class for home learners ages 5 to 12. Have lots of fun and still complete your weekly requirement for structured physical activity! Explore all of the equipment in the gym with a coach, and learn the proper way to warm up, stretch, and condition yourself for any sports activity. Components will include gymnastics, parkour, trampoline, etc. Who is this program for? Home school students between 5 and 12 years old, who love to try new things, be active and stay fit. Home school students in Grades 7 to 12 are invited to join our High School Program.

Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics programs bring in the highest number of participants.  We offer these programs in numerous classes throughout the week for various ages and skill levels for both boys and girls.  We have recreational programs for athletes aged 5 to 19, at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  Many of our athletes progress from our earliest programs (Parent & Tot Drop-In or ages 5-8 beginners) right through to our teen’s program, indicating that gymnastics is a sport that has the potential to be part of a child’s life right through to adulthood.  No matter what age or level the participants are, there is a gymnastics class that they can learn the significance of fun, fitness, and fundamentals of gymnastics.

Teens / High School Gymnastics 

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Gymnastics is a sport that combines many aspects of balance, strength, power, flexibility and focus. Our Teen program and our High School program train at the same time, allowing those who excel the chance to choose to compete even last minute!!

High School Gymnastics is for athletes from grade 8 through grade 12 of all levels and goals. Participants in this program are given the opportunity to compete at a local zone trials competition in February and possibly at BC School of Sport High School Championships in March.

Teen / Adult Gymnastics

We offer weekly class for everyone aged 13-99 years old. Adults come to this one all the time. No experience is required! This program gives any member of the community who chooses to participate a full-body workout.

This class is quite popular, and all age groups and demographics are represented across our regular participants. These sessions offer participants an opportunity to use equipment that they would otherwise not have access to, under the direct supervision of one of our certified coaches.

For more information, please ask at the office. Thank-you.

Tumbling & Trampoline

Our Trampoline & Tumbling classes combine the trampoline curriculum and the floor curriculum from our gymnastics program. These are great classes for those who love to tumble and bounce, and who are not interested in the traditional bars, beam or vault. Whichever skill your athlete wishes to spend more time is the class to register into.

Parkour & Free Movement

Parkour can be defined as “the act of getting from point A to point B in the quickest and coolest way possible.”  We offer co-ed classes in two age groups.  In the future, we will expand the parkour program to include a class for adults.  The interest in parkour is something that is growing in the community of Powell River, and running these classes has brought us a number of new athletes that would not otherwise have taken part in the programs that we offer.

Birthday Parties & Special Events

Each year, we have many birthday party bookings and other special events that take place in our facility.  Typically, most birthday parties consist of an hour and a half of structured play time on our equipment, led by coaches, followed by half an hour of party room time for cake and presents.  Our birthday party bookings are popular, as they provide both fun playtime and the advantage of parents not having to clean up after having a party at home.

The varieties of special events that take place at our facility are organized by our staff, to provide activities for both those who are already registered in our programs, and other members of the community.  Some of these events include birthday celebrations, yearly sleepovers in the gym, kids and parents night out, where parents are able to drop their children off for the evening and enjoy a night out, holiday parties, and healthy living-related activities such as special yoga and nutrition sessions just to name a few.

School Gymnastics Classes 

We offer programs for all schools in Powell River, Texada Island, and the surrounding areas.  Teachers may book their classes for single lessons or a series of lessons, in which students have the opportunity to come explore our facility and take part in structured gymnastics lessons.  Many students who come as part of these school groups have had no prior experience with the sport of gymnastics, and find that our school program is educational and something they enjoy.  We have classes of all age groups who come to this program, from preschool through to grade 12.

Private Lessons

We offer one-on-one private lessons with a certified coach, providing athletes with additional training and gymnastics instruction for anyone who would prefer to learn in a quieter environment with more direct coaching than would be received if they participated in a group.  This is a popular option and provides a good environment for some of our participants who have various disabilities and need a quiet environment and one-on-one, hands-on instruction.

Competitive Gymnastics

We offer a number of competitive programs to suit athletes of all levels.  For girls, we start with our Developmental & Interclub groups, both of which train multiple times a week and compete in regional competitions.  From these groups, many girls make the transition to our Canadian Competitive program, in which they compete on a provincial and national level, or our Xcel group. The Canadian Competitive program offers levels 1 to 10; 10 being National/Olympic level.  In our competitive groups here at PRGS, we have athletes ranging from levels 1-10 representing our community.  For boys, we have young men from Levels one and up who compete a few times per year at regional competitions on the island or in the Lower Mainland.