Adults Gymnastics (19-59 years)

Adults Gymnastics (19-59 years) 2021-04-08T18:40:20-07:00

Suspended due to Covid-19

We offer a weekly class for everyone aged 19 and over. Adults come to this one all the time.

No experience is required!

This program gives any member of the community who chooses to participate a full-body workout.

This class is quite popular, and all age groups and demographics are represented across our regular participants.

These sessions offer participants an opportunity to use equipment that they would otherwise not have access to, under the direct supervision of one of our certified coaches.

The format of this class has changed from a drop-in to a registered class. This is due to new strict trampoline coaching and usage requirements. For more information, please email the office @  or call us at 604-485-0520. Thank-you.